Digital Teaching Assignment – Developing an argument around internal conflicts among colonial powers in the Gold Coast

This week, our assignment was to imagine that we were online course instructors at MSU and as part of the course requirements, we were to ask students to do a digital homework. In my case, I designed my homework around the internal conflicts that occurred among European colonial powers in the Gold Coast. One could think of my class as a senior or graduate seminar. Below is the prompt.


I am holding an assumption that the students are knowledgeable about the history of colonialism in the Gold Coast; and thus, aware of the conflicts the ensued among the different colonial powers. Students are to use Google Maps to identify as many castles and forts along the coast of present-day Ghana. After identifying, use Google Maps to determine the distance between one castle/fort and another. Based on the distance between these castles and forts (i.e. territorial proximity between the European powers), students are to develop analyses (and extrapolations) about the nature of the intra-European contestations. In other words, I am asking students to utilize their knowledge about the distance between castles and forts as well as their historical knowledge of the contestations to reconceptualize the intra-European conflicts in the Gold Coast.

Students may follow this link to locate the different castles and forts in Ghana.


**Students may select any five castles or forts that belonged to at least two different colonial powers.
**Students must indicate the distance (either in miles/kilometers) between the selected castles or forts.
**The write-up may not exceed three (3) pages. Students should vividly and convincingly articulate their claims and, if possible, substantiate those claims with external sources.

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