Updated Project Proposal

Initially, I proposed two different projects – online mapping and oral history digital repository – but, over the course of the weeks, I have developed a keen inclination toward to the oral history digital repository project. I will be working with three other African historians-in-training (Ryan Carty, Katie Carline, & Chioma Uchefuna) on this project. Below is the updated project proposal.


Oral History Digital Repository

Team Members: Katie Carline, Ryan Carty, Eric Kesse, Chioma Uchefuna

Project Summary:

This project will build a prototype digital repository for oral history audio and video recordings. We will build the repository on an MSU Reclaim Hosting domain, using Omeka as a content management system and the Oral History Metadata Synchronizer application as a tool to index the interviews and their transcripts. Additionally, the site will have a series of short methodology essays on best practices for oral history collection, with attention to the specific needs of African oral historians. These essays will explain the technical considerations and best practices for choosing recording equipment; data storage; metadata collection; software for transcribing and analysis, and long-term management and preservation of oral history recordings. The practical experience of this project will prepare each of us for effective future dissertation research. Moreover, the methodology essays will be useful to other oral historians. The essays will show that the technical process of recording and preserving is integral to the analytic, scholarly work of oral history.

Project Workplan

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